~ Nick Langford – Loughton, UK
Professionalism and care.

“Desmond managed our group of cyclists with a great mix of professionalism and care. He ensured that all our concerns were met and made us feel comfortable so we could enjoy the ride and take in the amazing scenery and ever changing cultures of our road and gravel trip. I would have no hesitation to recommend Wanderlust to anyone wishing to experience the great outdoors Kenya has to offer.”

~ Weru K – Nairobi, Kenya
Lovely experience with lots of memories.

“The favourite part of my trip was scaling the heights of Mt. Kenya, via the beautiful glacial lakes on Chogoria side of the mountain. A swim would have been way too cold but a gaze was as warm as any other day off the mountain. For all that dare, be prepared to be amazed.”

~Erica Z – New Orleans, USA
Let Wanderlust show you the real Africa!

“Desmond is the most energetic and knowledgeable guide and outdoorsman in Kenya. From cycling from Nairobi to Mombasa, to climbing nearly every mountain peak in East Africa, he and his team will make sure you are having a safe and fun adventure. I've seen nearly every corner of Kenya with him, and I can't wait for the next trip. 1st choice for Diaspora travelers as well!”

~Stella M – Leeds UK
Great experience!

I hiked up Mt Meru, Tanzania in 2018 and Mt Kenya in 2019 using Wanderlust. The trips were organised professionally and Desmond, our tour leader, was very knowledgeable and energetic as he guided us expertly and treated us very well. I would recommend him to any outdoor enthusiasts wanting to do a trip within East Africa.

~Rose Kane – Ireland
Kenyan Adventure!

Wanderlust Outdoors were recommended to me by a previous customer, and I had no hesitation booking with them based on the feedback. Desmond tailored an itinerary to suit my short time in Kenya. Desmond was exceptional and a very knowledgeable guide. I had lots of flexibility to make any changes as I went along too which was ideal, and Desmond was also available to answer any questions I had in advance. He always took care to ensure I was getting the most out of the holiday. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip and have no hesitation in recommending Wanderlust Outdoors for a Kenyan adventure holiday.

~Odunga Abuodha – Nairobi, Kenya
Point Lenana to Kilimanjaro

The climb to point Lenana was on my bucket list and fate chanced the meeting with Desmond and Wanderlust Outdoors. We were myself and my 11yr old son, and a friend and his 10yr old son. The organisation was top-notch, from the pre-climb preparation to get physically into it, to the gear and advise on what to bring. Our concerns for the little ones was quickly settled as we embarked on the journey. We had a professional crew of porters, warm and social. The guides were splendid and I must say, we enjoyed every bit of it. The bonding with my child was a moment I will always cherish. We went up slowly, and as luck would have it, it was the "mildest" weather, as mild can be.

~Linet M – Nairobi, Kenya
Mt Kilimanjaro Birthday Summit

I had an amazing experience with Wanderlust Outdoors when I took on Mt. Kilimanjaro to celebrate my 40th birthday. The route and plan were all in my favour and on 14th September 2019 I as I turned 40yrs old I was at Uhuru peak, the roof of Africa!!!!! The expedition was well organised including a professional and pleasant team (guide, chef and porter) on the trail. The birthday cake surprise after descending was awesome and had me in tears!

~Diedrick K – Netherlands
Great Experience

Mt. Kenya organized by Wanderlust. What a great experience! I can highly recommend them as your climbing partner when you have decided to climb this beautiful mountain. Personalized planning, and a very professional team, provided by Desmond and Wanderlust. Will plan the next trip with them again! Not only for mountain climbing.

~Wendy N – Nairobi Kenya
The Best Travel Decision I Ever Made

I have used Wanderlust Outdoors several times, and I keep coming back because it is the best travel company you can use for activity-related, cultural, and even solo trips anywhere in Kenya. In February 2019, I contacted Desmond for a Bike Safari and together with my kids (9 and 6 years olds) we were able to cycle amongst herds of grazing zebras, wildebeest, antelopes, ostriches, and even giraffes. It was a most pleasant experience. In April of 2019, a group of friends booked a mixed activity and cultural tour of Northern Kenya with Wanderlust Outdoors. The 7-day tour was simply stunning. Desmond was with us the entire time and he took excellent care of us. He is also a very knowledgeable tour guide and very much at home anywhere in the country. This made our trip very enjoyable. I would highly recommend Wanderlust Outdoors to anyone looking for a great travel experience; customised unique tours, and excellent customer service.

~ Edwin K – Netherlands
The Best for Kilimanjaro & Niche Safaris

Personal involvement of Desmond, the owner of Wanderlust, made the whole trip 100% right. He works with the best people for every adventure, in our case the Kilimanjaro. I climbed the mountain with my sons and we all made it at the same time thanks to Salim, the guide, and his team. Only the best tour operators work with the best guides.

~Sebastiaan K
Unique and perfect experience

Better late than never… - in February 2022 my father, my two brothers and I reached the summit of the Kilimanjaro. Desmond (owner of Wanderlust) joined us and made sure his friend and our guide, Salim, gathered the best team as possible. The energy and motivation of this entire team is something you can’t describe with words. Without them, we wouldn’t have reached the summit. It was one of the thoughest experiences for me and my family, but they did everything in their power to make sure we would reach it. Besides, the food was great too. Every meal was great even though the cooking possibilities were limited! Everything just worked out perfectly during this trip thanks to Desmund and Wanderlust!

~Deedee H
Mt. Kenya with friends

We had an amazing trip up to Mt Kenya organised by Desmond and his company Wanderlust! The team, guides, and porters, were put together carefully and ensured a smooth trip from beginning to end. The food provided was great too. Would definitely recommend Wanderlust if you are planning any adventure in Kenya or East Africa.

~Danique De M
Mount Kenya

What an experience!!! 3 nights up Mount Kenya, with unique camping sites. Wanderlust had put together an amazing team to take care of us, cook great food and guide us to the top. Would definitely recommend this trip and organization!

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