Who are we?

Wanderlust outdoors is an adventure travel company based in Kenya (East Africa) that specializes in custom expeditions on behalf of our global clients. Our team comprises outdoor enthusiasts who have collective decades of experience organizing adventure tours and expeditions across East Africa.

Meet our Lead Adventurer

Desmond’s love for East Africa is palpable, and his dedication to sharing its wonders with the world is unwavering. He believes that every traveler who sets foot on its soil has the potential to be transformed by its beauty, its majesty, and its spirit. For Desmond, there is nothing more inspiring than watching his guests discover the magic of this incredible land for themselves.

As the founder of Wanderlust Outdoors Kenya,  Desmond has made it his mission to provide travelers with authentic, immersive experiences that connect them with the heart and soul of East Africa. Whether you’re hiking through the misty forests of the Aberdare Mountains, tracking elephants through the savannah, or sipping chai with the Maasai, Desmond’s expertise and passion will guide you every step of the way.

But what truly sets Desmond apart is his ability to connect with his guests on a deeply emotional level. He understands that travel is not just about seeing new places and trying new things, but about experiencing the world in a way that touches your soul.

With his warm, compassionate nature and infectious enthusiasm, Desmond has a gift for making every traveler feel like they are part of a greater community-a community of explorers, dreamers, and lovers of life.

So if you’re ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, guided by the spirit of East Africa and the expertise of a true adventurer, then look no further than Desmond and Wanderlust Outdoors Kenya. Together, you will uncover the mysteries of the wilderness, forge new connections  with your fellow travelers, and leave with a sense of wonder and joy that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Why choose Wanderlust Outdoors?

We offer our clients an opportunity to experience the mystique and beauty of Africa in a unique and memorable way. We customize our tour packages to turn ordinary vacations into extraordinary adventures.

We are adventurers at heart with strong local knowledge offering our clients what we ourselves have experienced and relished.

Client Testimonials

Over the years we have had the pleasure of hosting clients from many backgrounds and nationalities. This is what they have to say about us.